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Central Pennsylvania's
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Training Facility
Hours of Operation
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Call 717-921-0104
FAX: 717-921-8483
Open Daily
8am - 11am & 5pm - 7pm
Closed for pick-ups and drop-offs on all major holidays
Now Accepting
"Catchin' the Wind - Setters" by Gerald Putt
Featuring Riverside's Tinkerbelle (English Setter) & Riverside's Best Girl (Gordon Setter)
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Riversides Updates
Gordon Puppies available!
Check out the breeding page.

DO YOU NEED A BEAGLE?! Jack is looking for a home! He is an 11
month old pup looking for an active family or one with young kids who want
to play!

Policy Changes:
(As of June 2013)
  • All vaccines must be given 72 hours PRIOR to boarding.
  • Cancellation Policy is now effective
  • Any grooming dog can expect to stay at least three hours.
  • If you forget your vaccines and we have to call your vet you will be charged $5.00