Riversides Boarding Packages
Here at Riversides Kennel we have always given pets the best care possible; but we
think its time to kick it up a notch.  We are now offering some extras you can purchase
and add to your pets stay for a little more of that ‘at home feeling’.

Riverview walks –                                                                                $8.00
o A 15 minute walk along the river to let your pet stretch their legs.

Peanut Butter Filled Kong -                                                                        $4.00
            o We will fill a kong with some yummy peanut butter for your pet to keep them extra
happy. Add treats for $2.00. Refill for $3.00 (treats extra).

Peanut Butter Filled Bones –
                o What dog doesn’t love being tossed a bone?! Especially if it is filled with peanut
                   butter!  Our safe sterilized bones filled with peanut butter will please dogs of all
sizes.  Add treats for $2.00.  Refill for $2.50 (treats extra).

Extra Outdoor Play Time -                                                                         $5.00
                  o Is your dog in love with playing ball or Frisbee?  Get them some extra time out
                   side!  Each session gets your dog 15 extra minutes of play time one on one with a
dedicated Riversides employee.

Extra Indoor Play Time -                                                                                $6.00
          o We love playing with your pets outside but what if it is a rainy weekend?  This
                choice ensures your pet 15 extra minutes in our always dry and climate controlled
training room!

Extra Brushings -                                                                              $10.00
          o Long hair? Lots of hair?  Let us help!  We will use the right brush to be sure we get the
job done!
          (Please note: Dogs who have mats may still have them after leaving.  Although we will try our best, some mats
need to be taken care of by a groomer and clippers; they can not be brushed out).

Extra Snuggles-                                                                                               $8.00
          o This is for that pet who loves belly rubs, butt scratches and just plain out being
           loved up.  We will ensure your pet 15 additional minutes of nothing but loves and

* All prices are subject to change and are variant upon weather conditions.  
New Packages!  These are formed from peoples favorite
things.  All packages can be stretched out over a long stay
for activities every day.

Lu Lu’s choice -                                                         $20.00
o        Riverview Walk                                                $8.00
o        Peanut butter filled bone                                   $3.50
o        Extra indoor play time                                       $6.00
o        A good brushing                                             $10.00
You save $7.50!
Wild Wolf Package –                                                 $19.00
o        Riverview Walk                                                $8.00
o        Peanut butter Kong                                           $4.00
o        Extra outdoor play time                                     $5.00
o        Extra indoor play time                                       $6.00
o        2 packages of Just Four Dog treats                   $1.50
You save $5.50!

Lazy Dog Package -                                                   $18.00
o        Peanut butter filled Kong                                 $4.00
o        Extra snuggles                                                 $8.00
o        A good brushing                                           $10.00
o        2 packages of Just Four Dogs treats                $1.50
You save $5.50!

*All package prices are subject to change and variant upon weather conditions.