Riversides Grooming Facility
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Basic Bath
This includes a bath, brush, clipping and grinding of
the nails as well as an ear cleaning:

A Light Trim Up
This includes all the ‘Basic Bath’ features as well as
a light trim around needed areas such as feet and

The All Over Cut
This also includes all the ‘Basic Bath’ features but
this is for dogs who need to be shaved or have an
entire body hair cut:

Fancy Cuts
This is an additional charge for dogs who require a
bit more than a cut (i.e. dressed poodles):
Basic Bath + $15.00-$20.00

We will gladly groom your cat!  Please let us know
what you’re looking for:
$43.00 - $64.00

Puppy’s First Bath
Get your puppy used to grooming early! This is for
dogs 8 weeks— 5 months old.  This is for a bath,
nails, brush and ears:

Puppy’s First Cut
This includes the ‘Puppy’s First Bath’  as well as a
light trim up for fluffy puppies

Teeth Brushing: $11.00
Anal Glands: $6.00
Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning: $11.00
This is a special treatment to help get all that
unwanted and excess hair out of your dog's coat.  
The groomer uses a special shampoo, brush and blow
drying technique to get the maximum amount of hair
off of your dog:        
Basic Bath + $17.00

Flea and Tick Removal
In this area it is common to get a flea and tick
problem before you know it.  Allow us to ease the
stress with our special flea and tick removing groom:
Basic Bath + $16.00

In the fall we see a lot of those stinky critters and
instead of trying the home remedies let us work
wonders and get that smell out for you using our
skunk scent removing shampoo:
Basic Bath + $22.00
Grooming Services & Rates
Groomers Notes:

  • Expect 3-4 hours for a hair cut
  • Dogs are required to have Rabies and
    Distemper.  Cats are also required to have
    Rabies and Feline Distemper.
  • Although we will cut your dogs fur to your
    specifications, and the best of our ability,
    there are cases where your pet must be
    shaved for their own health and comfort.