Photo Gallery
Definitely a 3 dog night
Father and Son with their guide
Dinner time!
Try to hit it this time.
If I make it there, I hope
Heaven looks something like
You're right, you are sweet
Like brother, like sister
I guess I'm going home with you
This is about as good as it gets
This is the way to spend a
winter day
We ain't having fun until
somebody's bleeding.
Not too shabby for a couple of
old men
About as handsome as it gets
The Reed Family:
Garret, Dan, G.W., Pearl, & Jeff
Do Not Disturb
A smart hunting dog has to know
how to relax.
A pretty good day in PA.
The Boss Lady and a star pupil.
Something smells good right about here.
Honest, I'm not sad, I always look this way.
9 weeks old and already a show-off.
Black Friday, 2006.  Way better than
Back - Brad, Bruce, Mabel, Julie.
Front - Ernie, Remington, Brittany,
George, Bub, Caddie.
The Three Stooges, Abbey, Sadie, Mabel.
But Mom, I wanted to be the Cowardly Lion.
Owners Jeff & Julie Reed explaining the new
employee benefit package to waste
management assistant Andrea Kish
Two young'uns in the U.P.
Stairway to Heaven.
Mackinaw Bridge to the U.P.
One good dog, one lucky shot.
One fast learner.
I got my blue eye on you.
Hey, it's right over there.
We just love our new home.
Getting ready for Michigan.
After 4 years of dog college, Tink has finally taken a part
time job as a cover girl model.