Riversides Training Programs

Training is currently being offered for Pointing Dogs only.  If
you have any questions or need suggestions for an obedience
trainer please give us a call!
Riversides spacious indoor training facility.
Julie working with a star pupil.
The end result.
Obedience Training
Individual Private Classes: $35.00 per hour

In-house Training: (1 month required) $40.00/night
*Owners must take a training class with their dog on week 3 & week 4. Included in training

6 week group training class: (Focus on obedience) $120.00

Pointing Dog Training
Individual Training Sessions: $40.00 per hour plus cost of birds

In-House Training: $40.00/ Night + Cost of birds
*One month required

Call 717-921-0104 for Additional Information