Riversides Training Programs
Riversides Kennel offers a wide variety of training services
tailored to meet your individual needs.

Julie Reed has been training dogs for obedience, service
dogs, and hunting for over 20 years.

Hannah Finley our newest trainer, has been training for 2
years and has a great way of connecting with the dogs and
their owners.

Private training classes available upon request.

Also available are custom in-house training stays for both
obedience and hunting.  We will house and train your dog for
extended periods of intense personal training.

Our training may not be exactly what you need. Please call
us if you have any questions so we can help point you in the
right direction.
Riversides spacious indoor training facility.
Julie working with a star pupil.
The end result.
Obedience Training
Individual Private Classes: $35.00 per hour

In-house Training: (1 month required) $40.00/night
*Owners must take a training class with their dog on week 3 & week 4. Included in training

6 week group training class
: (Focus on obedience) $120.00

Pointing Dog Training
Individual Training Sessions: $40.00 per hour plus cost of birds

In-House Training: $40.00/ Night + Cost of birds
*One month required

Call 717-921-0104 for Additional Information